Hello everyone! My name is Lexi, and I am so pumped to FINALLY be on WordPress. I have plenty to say in future posts but for now here are 10 fun facts about me. Enjoy!

  1. My hometown is Providence, Rhode Island.
  2. I was a soccer and basketball star in high school.
  3. I studied economics and political science at UCLA (Class of 2014).
  4. My favorite movies are Carol, Ratatouille, & Pulp Fiction.
  5. I love rap music—Kanye, Kendrick, Outkast, Vince Staples, Frank Ocean, etc.
  6. Speaking of love, I’m in love with Malena Morgan.
  7. But I hate Donald Trump (and can roast that bitch all day).
  8. I met my last GF by complimenting her ass after our yoga class (yoga pants <3).
  9. My pantry is stacked with almost every popular cereal there is.
  10. I aspire to be a New York Times bestselling novelist.

    Thanks for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you can. 😉


Lexi’s Celebrity Crushes

As I’m sure the name suggests, one of the main reasons I made this is to proudly talk about my gayness. Soooo here are my top 10 celebrity crushes…

Demi Lovato

demi lovato
Demi has fought so much adversity and become a wonderful, strong, brave role model; she’s so freaking inspiring. Plus she’s hot as hell!

Margot Robbie

margot robbie
Margot, can we spoon on that couch together and watch I, Tonya? Please.

Rooney Mara

rooney mara
One of the prettiest and most talented actresses in the world, truly.

Scarlette Johansson

scarlett johansson
I fell in love as soon as I saw Lost in Translation.

Emma Watson

emma watson
How does one even become this cute?

Lana Del Rey

lana del rey
Lana Del BAE. Her music is wonderful as well.


Who doesn’t like Rihanna!? Even if she weren’t this sexy, she’d still be the coolest person ever.

Kate Upton

kate upton
If only we could find a way to digitally remove that bikini top.

Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner
Word on the street is that Kendall might be gay, too! Love u either way.

Irina Shayk

irina shayk
I can’t stop looking at it. Don’t tell me you’re not mesmerized by that ass.